Of all sciences, whether true or false, which have—at any time—engaged the attention of the world, there is not one of which the real or assumed principles are less generally known, in the present age, than those of Astrology.
— 1822, J. M. Ashmand (translator of Ptolemy's 'Tetrabiblios')

Filmmaker Kim Mott's journey of a lifetime becomes a surprising pilgrimage for the ages as she travels the world to find out if the Holy Bible contains ancient hidden messages the public has never read.  

Travel to 23 countries and down the rabbit hole of hidden history on an epic worldwide quest as Kim learns methods to publicly decrypt the world’s most printed book using archaeoastronomy, ancient cryptography and clues from the past.


filmmaker - Creatorix, writer & director of Book of Shadows, Kim I. Mott (formerly Kim Mance) has been a longtime travel writer and on-camera host. She has appeared on The Travel Channel, Comcast On-Demand, History UK and many American news segments. She's now taken the reigns of her own history for a passion project that's led her to at least 23 countries and 17 US states. K.I.M. realizes most of the stuff she’s done before is shallow and stupid. She wants to rectify that.

executive producer - Robert has been in the travel publishing industry for more than two decades, working as an on-air host, writer, publisher, and videographer. He also served as spokesperson for brands like Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler. He’s produced and hosted over a hundred travel videos, including a National Geographic Learning's series for US history textbooks and 2017’s award-winning Connecting Cultures series.

cinematographer, producer - Jim is passionate about collaborating with storytellers, archeologists and explorers, with 25 years of world travel shooting pictures and film to preserve the environment and document rituals, spiritual journeys, and festivals. He uses large format cameras, drone imagery, and fluid motion capture to bring stunning imagery to BOOK OF SHADOWS

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